Privacy Policy

Management of Privacy Policy

Seibu Environmental Research Co., Ltd. is committed to handle the individual information, hereinafter called “Customers Information” in order to safeguard privacy of users as follows.

Philosophy of the safeguard of Customers Information

The website of Seibu Environmental Research Co., Ltd. is operated as the information supplier to the customers.

In case customer utilizes this home page, the Company may ask to provide Customers Information in some services. (In such case of service of utilization of voluntary inquiry of customer.)

Seibu Environmental Research recognizes the heavy responsibility to carefully safeguard the Customers Information, The Company committee to manage to handle Customers Information as follows;

  1. Customers Information shall be managed based upon the applicable laws and regulations to safeguard the individual information. The Company tries to betterment of the handling of Customers Information.
  2. The Company make the rules clear to handle Customers Information and have the employees to be obedient to the rules.
  3. When Customers Information is provided to the Company, the Company notify the purpose of usage of the information and is used under the agreed purpose.
  4. The Company shall take ever necessary steps to prevent the leakage, loss, manipulation of Customers Information.

Purpose of collection and usage scope

Seibu Environmental Research uses Customers Information for the purposes described below;

  1. Giving sales guidance or information regarding the services the Company operates.
  2. Dispatching questionnaires to the customers for the aids of new product planning, and development and to improve customer’s satisfaction measure.
  3. When the Customers Information is provided, the Company shall notify the purpose of the Customers Information and is used under the agreed purpose.
  4. Necessary business activities to response to the customer’s inquiry and quick service provision to the customer.
  5. For the recruitment activities of our company and for incidental / related work performed by it.

Provide customer information

Seibu Environmental Research shall not transfer nor provide Customers Information provided to the Company except for the following cases.

  1. In the event that 1. the Company entrust the transportation company to deliver the goods, documents and guidance or leaflet.
  2. In the event that the Company entrust the other company to the new product development, customer management and home page management.
  3. In the event that publishing the result of collection or statistic treatment in the form any individual cannot be identified.

Accuracy of Customers Information

If any confirmation, correction or deletion of the individual information provided to Seibu Environmental Research, the Company shall immediately and correctly comply with customers notification.