Environmental impact study (environmental assessment)

 When a large-scale project is planned like the construction of road, dam, railway, airport or power plant which have a risk of causing remarkable impact on the environment, we perform a preliminary survey to assess the possible environmental influences, make public the results and ask opinions of involved people including local citizens in order to take measures for the environment. 
 We can respond to any request for environmental research with a series of processes including survey, assessment and reporting of results.

  • Environmental assessment in accordance with the Environmental Impact Assessment Act and Ordinance
  • Environmental assessment in accordance with the Waste Management and Public Cleansing Act
  • Environmental assessment in accordance with the Large-Scale Retail Stores Location Law
  • Diffusion prediction using “Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry – Diffusion prediction with the low rise industrial source dispersion Model (METI-LIS Model)”

Land Survey Department

  1. Air quality
  2. Meteorological survey
  3. Exhaust gas measurement
  4. Water quality survey (river and etc.)
  5. Malodor research
  6. Noise/vibration survey
  7. Soil Survey
  8. Biological research
  9. Garbage quality survey
  10. Working environment measurement
  11. Aerial photography system

Marine Research Department

  1. Water quality (ocean area)
  2. Sediment
  3. Marine organism
  4. Tidal current
  5. ICT and Geomorphic

Analysis Department

  1. Analysis of water quality
  2. Malodor analysis
  3. Soil analysis
  4. Bacteriological analysis

Activities in local community

 With complicated and diversified environmental problems in the background, we are required to contribute to society through our business activities, considering the importance of our role in local community. 
 We, as a company engaging in environmental business, take part in varieties of activities including participation in environment-themed events sponsored by local government by putting on exhibit booths, offering lectures at the events held by projects for vitalization of school or volunteer group activities, participation in the large-scale clean-up activity on the coastline of Omura Bay, and other environmental educational or environmental protection activities in the local community

Kid’s Eco Club Natiowide Festival
Saikai Pearl Sea Resort
Omura Eco World
Sea Hut Omura
Parent/child Interaction Environment Fair 2003
Nimitz Park
Parent/child Interaction Environment Fair 2003
Too Elementary School